A Very Brief History of this Website:

This website traces its routes all the way back to 1995, when it was hosted out of a small ISP located in Lansing, MI where I initially called it Nothing’s Shocking.  In 1996, after eating up all available web space I had access to, I move the site to a (at the time) small hosting company called Pair Networks based out of Pittsburg, PA.  Shortly thereafter, seeking to give the site its own identity, I renamed the site 1% (aka One-Percent).  We became JanesAddiction.org back in 2002, and then again in 2005, where we have stayed since.

In this sites twenty-year history, I’ve gotten to work with a number of great people on this site.  We’ve also had a countless list of amazing contributors who have helped shape the information we bring to you today, doing everything from donating scans, digging up articles, providing concert set lists, to digging up new details about anything and everything relating to the incredible band Jane’s Addiction.

A sincere thank you to every one of our contributors!  I’d also like to give an extra huge heartfelt thank you to Gavin B., Brian T., Charles, Shawn, Gavin M., Chase and Dominique for there immense contributions to this site.  Additionally, an extra shout of love to Mike, Heidi and Christine for their dedication and help keeping this site going.

Our goal is to simply be the best, most thorough, and accurate resource for Jane’s Addiction related information possible.  This is a labor of love for us, and we enjoy sharing it with all of you.