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Live '86

Live ’86, also known as Live ’86 – The First Recording, is an album of an early live performance by Jane’s Addiction.  This album was recorded at the Co Co Club in Los Angeles, CA in August of 1986, and was released by Eye Scream Records on August 17, 1997.  The album bills itself as the first live recording of Jane’s Addiction, and while it is a very early recording, it is by no means truly the first live recoding of Jane’s Addiction.

Around the time of its release, many fans thought this album was a bootleg due to it not being released by either Triple-X Records or Warner Brothers, the only two labels to, at the time, have previously released any Jane’s Addiction material.  However, this is a legitimate release that was okay-ed by Perry Farrell himself.

The sound quality found on this album is extremely poor, and is unlikely something that fans would listen to frequently.  The track listing displayed on this disc is incorrect, and the sound on Had A Dad cuts in and out, with the song spread across several tracks.  However it is an interesting early peek into the band during their infancy.  This disc is now out of print and existing copies tend to be sold at fairly high prices.  This is really a release for collector’s only.

Alternate Versions:

There is what appears to be an unofficial re-release of this album that uses slightly different cover art.  This version may very well be a bootleg.

Track Listing:

  1. Whores
  2. Trip Away
  3. 1%
  4. Had A Dad
  5. Sound Check
  6. Sound Check
  7. Sound Check
  8. Sound Check
  9. Sound Check
  10. Sound Check
  11. Sound Check
  12. Sound Check

Release Date: 08/17/1997
Released By: Eye Scream Records
ID Number(s): 00377
Medium(s): CD
Time: 23:15


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