Lollapalooza ’96

Lollapalooza ’96 is best known for the controversial decision in having Metallica as the tour’s headlining slot. Metallica was already an established band who had easily sold out venues larger than the ones Lollapalooza traditionally toured. This year was also the shortest tour in Lollapalooza history, and saw a large number of band return after being part of past tours. Soundgarden, the Violent Femmes and Rage Against The Machine all made their second appearances on the main stage with this tour.

Tour Lineup

Main Stage: Metallica, Soundgarden, Cocteau Twins, Waylon Jennings, Cheap Trick, Violent Femmes, The Tea Party, Wu Tang Clan, Rage Against The Machine, Steve Earle, Devo, The Ramones, Rancid, Shaolin Monks, Screaming Trees, Psychotica

Second Stage: Ben Folds Five, Beth Hart Band, Capsize 7, Chune, Cornershop, The Cows, Crumb, Fireside, Girls Against Boys, Jonny Polonsky, Long Fin Killie, Lutefisk, The Melvins, Moonshake, Ruby, Satchel, Soul Coughing, Sponge, Thirty Ought Six, Varnaline, You Am I

Tour Dates

  • 06/27/1996 – Longview Lake, Kansas City, MO
  • 06/28/1996 – Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA
  • 06/30/1996 – Winnebago County Fairgrounds, Pecatonica, IL
  • 07/02/1996 – Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN
  • 07/03/1996 – Buckeye Lake Music Center, Newark, OH
  • 07/05/1996 – Molson Park, Barrie, ON
  • 07/07/1996 – Hippodrome de Quebéc, Quebéc City, QC
  • 07/09/1996 – Green Mountain Fairgrounds, Pownal, VT
  • 07/10/1996 – Downing Stadium at Randall’s Island, New York, NY
  • 07/11/1996 – Downing Stadium at Randall’s Island, New York, NY
  • 07/13/1996 – New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY
  • 07/16/1996 – Charles Town Races, Charles Town, WV
  • 07/18/1996 – Coral Sky Amphitheater, West Palm Beach, FL
  • 07/20/1996 – Rockingham Dragway, Rockingham, NC
  • 07/21/1996 – The Forks in the River, Knoxville, TN
  • 07/23/1996 – Tad Gormley Stadium, New Orleans, LA
  • 07/25/1996 – Old Fort Dallas, Ferris, TX
  • 07/27/1996 – Compton Terrace, Tempe, AZ
  • 07/30/1996 – Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
  • 08/02/1996 – Spartan Stadium, San Jose, CA
  • 08/03/1996 – Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA
  • 08/04/1996 – Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA

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