Dave Navarro - June 21, 2001 - K-Rock Studios, New York City, NY

Date: June 21, 2001
Location: K-Rock Studios, New York City, NY
Recorded: Video (studio)
Audio (studio)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Radio
Lineup: Dave Navarro
Dave Kushner


Hungry (acoustic)

Show Information:

Dave Navarro appeared on the Howard Stern Show to help promote his solo debut Trust No One.  He performed an acoustic version of Hungry along with Dave Kushner.  The following is a synopsis from MarksFriggin.com.

Guitarist Dave Navarro came in this morning to promote his new solo album ''Trust No One''.

Howard had Dave come in and he immediately told him that Gary was talking about how good looking he is. Gary sounded kind of gay the way he was talking but he explained that he just meant that he would love to look like that for a day because he'd do a lot of ''damage'' banging a lot of chicks.

Howard spoke to Dave about his work with Jane's Addiction as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dave basically said that he had some problems with Flea in the Peppers so that's why he left the band. He said they were great and taught him a lot about friendship and brotherhood while he was with them. Now he's moved on to do this solo career and dating Carmen Electra. Howard ended up talking to Dave about Carmen for most of the interview.

Howard talked to Dave about his tough life for a little while. He brought up how Dave's mother was murdered and raped when he was only 15. The guy that did it was his mother's boyfriend who Dave knew and trusted. Dave said that at the time his parents were divorced and he was visiting his dad on a day he usually wouldn't have. He lucked out and wasn't home at the time but he did lose his mother. Years later the guy was caught with the help of the ''America's Most Wanted'' TV show.

Howard moved through Dave's life and on to his current relationship with Carmen Electra. Dave said he was set up on a date with Carmen and they hit it off right away. He said he fell in love with her as soon as he saw her. Howard said he read that Carmen thinks he's her ''soul mate''. Dave wasn't aware of that. They don't get to see a lot of each other though because they're on the road or doing movies. He said he last saw Carmen a couple of days ago. Howard went through every detail he could get from Dave about their first date and what happened after that. He said he was really nervous about their first meeting and only gave her a kiss goodnight after dinner and a club. He didn't even get her phone number that night. He had to get it from a friend but he did call her the next day. On their second date they went to see the movie '''Requiem For A Dream'' which was kind of heavy for a date movie. He said he wasn't exactly sure when they had sex for the first time. He said that part of the relationship was ''hazy''.

Dave told Howard that he prefers to call Carmen by her real name, Tara, but he does use her full ''Carmen Electra'' when he wants to imply distance when they're talking. He said he also has a third name for her, Wendy, that he uses when she has no makeup on and she has her hair pulled back. He said she looks like a UCLA drama student when she looks like that and he has a name for her. Howard thought that was kind of odd. We also found out that Dave doesn't use a condom when he's with women. Howard couldn't believe that and said that he's going to have ''little Navarros'' running around all over the place.

Howard promoted Dave's CD and then found out that Dave was willing to play a song for him. Dave didn't want to perform his first single, ''Rexall'', though. Instead, he played ''Hungry'', with another David who helped him out. The song sounded great. Howard wrapped up the interview a short time later.

Dave will be performing with Jane's Addiction at the sold-out K-Rock Dysfunctional Family Picnic tomorrow at Jones Beach. Howard said he might have to come up on stage with them and jam.