Scrunge - Bell Ranch, Apple Valley, CA

Date: 0?/??/1985
Location: Bell Ranch, Apple Valley, CA
Recorded: No known recording
Status: Unconfirmed
Type: Private Show
Lineup: Eric Avery

Show Information:

This show was a barn painting party at the ranch owned by the parents of jula Bell and took place in either July or August of 1985. According to Jula Bell the following bands also played.

Illuminotic, Celebrity Skin, The Angry Samoans, Nip Drivers, Cactus Dick, Thelonius Monster, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Razebrae.

In addition to playing in Scrunge at this show Eric Avery also played bass with Perry Farrell in their newly formed baned called Illuminotic. This is especially notable because Eric playing with Perry led to him being kicked out of Scrunge.

In December of 2006 Eric Avery was asked about his very brief stint in Psi Com on his blog and he replied with the following:

psi com. hmm? ok. i jammed with perry and the drummer from psi com which was my 'audition' for bass playership in psi com. thats where the groove for mountain song happened. there was no guitar player if i recall correctly. i dont think i ever played with the guitar player from psi com. but i did jam at a party with perry and the drummer. maybe psi com songs were involved. but that is all my foggy memory will give me. perry was restless and quickly wanted the two of us to start something new. i cant remember anything about the name illuminati; yes or no.

Thanks go out to Jula Bell and SDW for the info.