This is the commercial bootleg discography for Jane’s Addiction, Porno For Pyros and Psi Com.  The releases described within this section are “mass produced” unofficial releases, which the bands or band labels had no involvement with.  We do our best to detail the origins of these recordings and list correct track names, as many titles have incorrect track listings.

Most of these titles were created in the early-to-mid 1990s, before home CD recording became extremely affordable.  At this point in time, most of these titles are quite rare, however the source recordings are not and can generally be easily found or obtained online with a little bit of effort.   The CDs described in this section are all “silverbacks” and, to the best of our knowledge, are not CD-R bootlegs.  Many of these titles have been reproduced by third parties on CD-R.

This section is for informational purposes so those who come across any of these titles can make an informed purchasing decision.  Again, this section is for informational purposes only, and this website does not offer any of these titles for sale.  If you are seeking out any of these titles, we suggest you check used and independent record stores, and online sources such as eBay.