Secretary Bird – Secretary Bird

Secretary Bird Cover

Secretary Bird

Secretary Bird is the self-titled album by Secretary Bird.  Released on March 20, 2007 by In De Goot Recordings, Eric Avery performs on the track Seaward.

Track Listing:

  1. Somewhere Girls
  2. Imaginary You
  3. Cornerstone
  4. Girl On Laveta
  5. Morning Horses
  6. Freaks & Hessians
  7. Late Night Cab Ride
  8. Sick Of Your Stories
  9. Affected/Unaffected
  10. Tio
  11. Seaward

Release Date:   03/20/2007
Released By:   In De Goot Recordings
ID Number(s):   IDG-1001, Pro-1 (Promo)
Medium(s):   CD, iTunes, Amazon
Time:  43:47


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