The Shocking E.P.

The Shocking E.P. Front

The Shocking E.P.

The Shocking E.P. is a limited edition 12″ vinyl E.P. released in the United Kingdom by Warner Brothers Records on May 15, 1989.  The album came with a poster of Perry Farrell.  Many used copies being sold lack the poster the album came with.  This E.P. includes a live performance of Had A Dad, recorded in concert on an eight-track at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, IL on March 10, 1989.

Track Listing:

Side 1:

  1. Mountain Song

Side 2:

  1. Jane Says
  2. Had A Dad (Live)

Release Date: 05/15/1989
Released By: Warner Brothers
ID Number(s): W7520 921 221-0
Medium(s): 12″ Vinyl
Time: 13:55


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