PerryEtty – Applause For You

PerryEtty - Applause For You

PerryEtty - Applause For You

Applause For You is a digital single from PerryEtty, released on July 26, 2001 by Ultra Records.  PerryEtty is Perry Farrell’s side project with his wife Etty Lau Farrell, the music is techno/dance.

Alternate Versions:

There is a digital remix single of this song, Applause For You (Bassjackers Remix).  This version was released on August 9, 2011 by Ultra Records.  The remix single is available through iTunes and Beatport.

Track Listing:

Standard Single:

  1. Applause For You
  2. Applause For You (Junior Sanchez Remix)
  3. Applause For You (SonicC Remix)
  4. Applause For You (SonicC Remix Instrumental)

Remix Single:

  1. Applause For You (Bassjackers Remix)

Release Date:  07/26/2011, 08/09/2011
Released By:  Ultra Records
ID Number(s):
Medium(s):  iTunes AAC, Amazon MP3, MP3 (Remix Single)
Time:  20:11, 5:05 (Remix Single)


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