Idiots Rule (v3)

Idiots Rule (v3) Cover

Idiots Rule (v3)

Idiots Rule (v3) is an Australian silverback CD bootleg from Grapefruit Productions.  It is volume 1 of a bootleg set, the second volume being Been Caught Stealing. This version pairs a set of popular old Jane’s Addiction concerts.  The first is the November 13, 1986 show at The Pyramid in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  The last half of this disc uses the April 28, 1989 show at the John Anson Ford Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  This disc makes it well known that it is an unauthorized recording, which was done apparently to get around local copyright laws.  This disc comes with no additional artwork and is nearly identical to the Idiots Rule (Vol. 1) bootleg by Apple House / Banana.

Track Origins:

Tracks 1-8: 11/13/1986 – Pyramid, The, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Tracks 9-16: 04/28/1989 – John Anson Ford Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Track Listings:

  1. My Time
  2. Whores
  3. Pigs In Zen
  4. Ain’t No Right
  5. I Would For You
  6. Idiots Rule
  7. Trip Away
  8. Mountain Song
  9. Up The Beach
  10. Mountain Song
  11. 1%
  12. Idiots Rule
  13. Ain’t No Right
  14. Ted, Just Admit It…
  15. Had A Dad
  16. Chip Away

Released By: Grapefruit Productions
ID Numbers:
Quality: Mixed
Source: Mixed
Time: 62:24


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