Psi Com Demos

Worktape 1 Vinyl Bootleg Cover


Psi Com Demos is a 12-inch vinyl bootleg purportedly created in Germany.  This limited edition of 100 vinyl bootleg contains the three songs found on Psi Com’s  Worktape 1 release on side one, and three previously leaked demos that can also be found on the Skin and Bones bootleg.

This is a very professional looking print, complete with lyrics, lithograph and official appearing artwork.  However the liner notes mix up Rich Evac and Aaron Sherer’s duties.  Evac was the band’s bassist, while Sherer was the drummer.

Track Origins:

Side 1: 03/27/1984 – Pacifica Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Side 2: ??/??/198? – Los Angeles, CA

Track Listings:

Side 1:

  1. Hopeful
  2. Them
  3. Psi Com Theme

Side 2:

  1. 14th Floor
  2. Cat
  3. Karuna

Released By: Unknown
ID Number: None
Medium: 12″ Vinyl
Quality: Very Good
Source: Studio


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