End Of Days

End Of Days Cover

End Of Days

End Of Days is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, released on November 9, 1999 by Interscope Records.  Dave Navarro appears along with Guns ‘N Roses on their track Oh My God.  Dave was once asked to join GNR after the departure of original guitarist Izzy Strallin, but declined.  There are both “explicit” and “clean” versions of this soundtrack.

Track Listing:

  1. Camel Song
  2. So Long
  3. Slow
    Professional Murder Music
  4. Crushed
    Limp Bizkit
  5. Oh My God
    Guns N’ Roses (feat. Dave Navarro)
  6. Posion
    The Prodigy
  7. Superbeast (Mix)
    Rob Zombie
  8. Bad Influence
  9. Nobody’s Real
    Powerman 5000
  10. I Wish I Had
  11. Sugar Kane
    Sonic Youth
  12. Wrong Way

Release Date:  11/09/1999
Released By:   Interscope Records
ID Number(s):  490508
Medium(s):  CD
Time:  53:54


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