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Dudes (Soundtrack)

The soundtrack for the feature film Dudes was released in November of 1987 by MCA Records.  The seminal Jane’s Addiction track Mountain Song appears on this soundtrack.  While it does not note it on the album liners, it is actually the demo version of this song and not the version released on the Nothing’s Shocking album.  The soundtrack is out of print, and thus used copies fetch a fairly high price tag.

For a long time, the movie itself was fairly rare.  However, it has since been released on DVD, Blu-Ray and VoD.  Relapse and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea has a small supporting role in this film.

Track Listings:

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw
  2. Urban Struggle
    The Vandals
  3. Show No Mercy
  4. Vengance is Mine
    Simon Steve & The Claw
  5. Boots Were Made for Walking
  6. Time Forgot You
    Legal Weapon
  7. Jesus Came Along
    The Leather Nun
  8. Mountain Song (demo)
    Jane’s Addiction
  9. Lost Highway
    The Little Kings
  10. Dudes Showdown
    Charles Bernstien & Co.
  11. Amazing Grace
    Steve Vai

Tracks 1-5 appear on side 1, Tracks 6-11 appear on side 2.

Release Date: 11/1987
Released By: MCA Records
ID Number(s): MCA-6212 (Vinyl, Cassette), MCAD-6212 (CD), 255 109-1 (German Vinyl)
Medium(s): CD, Cassette, 12″ Vinyl
Time: 38:14



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