Big Daddy – Music From The Motion Picture

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Big Daddy – Music From The Motion Picture is the soundtrack for the film Big Daddy, released on June 22, 1999 by Columbia Records / Sony Pictures Music. Stephen Perkins appears on the Sheryl Crow track, covering Guns ‘N Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine.

Track Listing:

  1. Sweet Child O’ Mine
    Sheryl Crow
  2. When I Grow Up
  3. Peace Out
  4. Just Like This
    Limp Bizkit
  5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
    Everlast & The White Folk
  6. Ga Ga
    Melanie C
  7. What Is Life
    Shawn Mullins
  8. The Kiss
  9. Instant Pleasure
    Rufus Wainwright
  10. Ooh La La
    Wise Guys
  11. Sid
  12. If I Can’t Have You
    Yvonne Elliman
  13. Smelly Kid
  14. Passing Me By
    The Pharcyde
  15. Rush
    Big Audio Dynamite
  16. Hooters
  17. Babe
  18. Overtime
  19. The Kangaroo Song
    Tim Herlihy

Release Date:  06/22/1999
Released By:  Columbia Records / Sony Pictures Music
ID Number(s):  69947
Medium(s):  CD, Cassette
Time: 46:50


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