Peter Murphy – Unshattered

Unshattered Cover


Unshattered is an album by Peter Murphy released on October 19, 2004 by Viastar Records. Former Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery performs and has writing credit on the track Blinded By Saul.  Jane’s Addiction and Porno For Pyros drummer Stephen Perkins performs and the tracks Idle Flow, Blinded Like Saul, The First Stone.  Porno For Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano performs and has writing credit on the tracks Idle Flow and Blinded Like Saul.

Track Listings:

  1. Idle Flow
  2. Kiss Myself
  3. Piece Of You
  4. Face The Moon
  5. Emergency Unit
  6. Thelma Sings To Little Nell
  7. The Weight Of Love
  8. Give What He’s Got
  9. Blinded Like Saul
  10. The First Stone
  11. Breaking No One’s Heaven

Release Date:  10/19/2004
Released By:  Viastar Records
ID Number(s):  VIA0411
Medium(s):  CD
Time:  50:44


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