Hypersonic is a Strays-era Jane’s Addiction song.  It was also the original title to what became the Strays album.


Yeah, I got a ticket to ride for two
I’m going up to the wild blue
I keep the surface ultra cooled
And all my fuel can be renewed

While we wait around with delay
The sudden news is just fast-talking
Your skin is oily, story’s old
So tell it while your walking

We’re flying
With my hyper tonic

Yeah, I’ll uproot you terrorist
I am the the guide to the perplexed
Man take this tip, I’m gonna win
I’ll it all on hydrogen
‘Cause our lifes have gotten tied
To people we should untangle
It’s all at a fatal cost
To keep us over barrels

We’re flying
With my hyper tonic

We got time and doin’ fine
Yeah I’ll, with Mach 8 acceleration
The sky is clear, don’t interfear
With the aspirations of this nation

Ah, shoot new cities into space
Drag you at the new space races!
Fast as a line can flow
And look around
We leave no traces

We’re flying
With my hyper tonic
Ahoo, yeah
We’re flying
With my hyper tonic

Known Performances by Jane's Addiction: (18)

  • 2002/07/18 - Las Vegas, NV, Rain In The Desert @ The Palm Resorts Casino
  • 2002/07/20 - San Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatre
  • 2002/07/26 - Seoul, South Korea, Chamsil Stadium
  • 2002/07/28 - Nigata, Japan, Naeba Ski Resort
  • 2002/08/19 - London, England, Kentish Town Forum
  • 2002/08/22 - Hasselt-Kiewit, Belgium, Pukkelpop Festival
  • 2002/08/23 - Reading, England, Richfield Avenue
  • 2002/08/24 - Leeds, England, Temple Newsam Park
  • 2002/08/25 - Glasgow, Scotland, Glasgow Green
  • 2002/08/31 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Costa Azul Beach
  • 2002/12/28 - Denver, CO, Fillmore Auditorium
  • 2002/12/31 - Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatre, The
  • 2003/01/17 - Auckland, New Zealand, Ericcson Stadium
  • 2003/01/19 - Gold Coast, Australia, Parklands
  • 2003/01/25 - Sydney, Australia, Olympic Park
  • 2003/01/26 - Sydney, Australia, Enmore Theater
  • 2003/01/27 - Melbourne, Australia, Royal Melbourne
  • 2003/09/12 - Cleveland, OH, North Coast Harbor
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