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Three Days / Stop!

Three Days / Stop! is a single for the songs Three Days and Stop! Released on August 2, 1990 by Warner Brothers Records, this is the first single from the Ritual de lo Habitual album.  The band wanted the song Three Days as their first single, but at nearly eleven minutes long, Warner Brothers and band management knew the song would be a failure on commercial radio and encouraged the band to release the song Stop! as the album’s debut single.  In the end, a compromise was struck, Three Days got its own single, as well as a single coupled with the more commercially viable song Stop!

A music video was shot for Stop!, featuring concert footage shot at the July 7, 1990 private Jane’s Addiction show at the Forest Preserve in Mt. Baldy, CA.  Future Porno For Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano was in attendance at this show and can be spotted in video and photographs taken during the concert.  The music video for Stop! received fairly regular airplay on MTV, especially their program 120 Minutes.  The single also performed quite well on the radio, peaking at #1 on Billboard’s Modern Rock charts.

The artwork used for all versions of this single include up-close shots of the parts of the Ritual de lo Habitual album cover.  The front of the singles, and the disc of the Three Days promo include close up shots of the golden baby doll sculpture found on the left side of the parent album cover.  The backs of the singles, and the disc of the Stop! promo include a close up shot of the crucified doll hanging to the right of the main sculpture on the parent album cover.

Alternate Versions:

There are two versions of the Three Days single, the first being the CD and 12″ vinyl version, which includes the title track and demos for I Would For You and Jane Says.  A 7″ vinyl version also exists, which oddly splits the song into two parts, one part on each side, to fit the song on the vinyl single.  Versions of this 7″ were released in both the U.K. and France.  This split would carry over, unnecessarily, to the Live And Rare compilation.

The Three Days / Stop! single was released on both CD and 12″ vinyl.  This version includes both title tracks and the I Would For You demo.

Both songs received their own radio promo CD, both coming with printed discs and standard promotional artwork.

Track Listing:

CD and 12″ Vinyl Three Days Single:

  1. Three Days
  2. I Would For You (demo)
  3. Jane Says (demo)

The vinyl version includes track 1 on side A, and tracks 2-3 on side B.

7″ Vinyl Three Days Single:

Side 1:

  1. Three Days (part 1)

Side 2:

  1. Three Days (part 2)

CD, Cassette and 12″ Vinyl Three Days / Stop! Single:

  1. Stop!
  2. Three Days
  3. I Would For You (demo)

Note: Cassette and Vinyl versions include tracks 1 & 3 on side A, and track 2 on side B.

Three Days Promo:

  1. Three Days

Stop! Promo:

  1. Stop! (without intro)
  2. Stop! (with intro)

Three Days / I Would For You Test Vinyl:

  1. Three Days (Side A)
  2. I Would For You (Side B)

Release Date: 08/02/1990
Released By: Warner Brothers
ID Number(s): 21559 (Three Days / Stop! Single) W9584 5439 19584-7 (U.K. 7″ Vinyl), 5439-19584 (French 7″ Vinyl),  W9584CD 7599-2174-2 (U.K. CD single), PRO-CD-4037 (Three Days promo), PRO-CD-4038 (Stop! promo)
Medium(s): 7″ Vinyl, 12″ Vinyl, CD, Cassette
Time: 10:45 (7″ Vinyl & Three Days Promo), 18:38 (Three Days 12″ Single), 18:24 (Three Days / Stop! Single), 8:08 (Stop! Promo)


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