L.A. Song

L.A. Song Cover

L.A. Song

L.A. Song is a radio promo single for the Deconstruction song, released in August of 1994 by American Recordings.  A commercial single version was never released.  This single contains a radio edit of the title track as well as the instrumental track Iris. An accompanying music video was created that received reasonable airtime on MTV’s show 120 Minutes, however they aired an edited version of the music video as their standards and practices objected to a scene with a man pointing a gun at the camera.

This promo comes in a digipack as opposed to a traditional jewel case.

Track Listing:

  1. L.A. Song
  2. L.A. Song (Edit)
  3. Iris

Release Date: 08/1994
Released By: American Recordings
ID Number(s): PRO-CD-6954
Medium(s): CD
Time: 15:41



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