Small Circle of Friends: A Germs Tribute, A

A Small Circle of Friends Cover

A Small Circle of Friends

Small Circle of Friends: A Germs Tribute, A is a tribute compilation for the band The Germs. Released on August 27, 1996 by Grass Records in the US and Dragnet Records in Europe, Dave Navarro appears with his side project Ruined Eye, performing their cover of Land of Treason. This cover is exclusive to this release.

Track Listing:

  1. Forming
  2. Sex Boy
    Free Kitten
  3. Lexicon Devil
  4. Circle One
    The Holez
  5. No God
    D Generation
  6. What We Do Is Secret
    Mike Watt & J. Mascis
  7. Land of Treason
    Ruined Eye
  8. Richie Dogger’s Crime
    The Posies
  9. Strange Notes
  10. Manimal
    White Flag
  11. We Must Bleed
    That Dog
  12. Media Blitz
  13. The Other Newest One
  14. Let’s Pretend
    The Wrens
  15. Dragon Lady
    Matthew Sweet
  16. Caught In My Eye
  17. Not All Right
    Meat Puppets
  18. Now I Hear The Laughter
    Puzzled Panthers
  19. Lion’s Share
  20. Shutdown

Release Date:  08/27/1996
Released By:  Grass Records (US), Dragnet Records (Europe)
ID Number(s):  60150-13038-2 (US CD), DRA 405441 2 (Europe), GROW10041 (12″ Vinyl)
Medium(s):  CD, 12″ Vinyl
Time:  79:21


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