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That Ain’t Country

That Ain’t Country is a double 12″ vinyl bootleg by Toast Records.  It contains recordings taken from two Jane’s Addiction concerts.  The first being Jane’s Addiction at The Cannery in Nashville, TN on February 12, 1989 and the second being Jane’s Addiction at Topper’s Cafe in La Verne, CA.

The tracks for Obvious and the second performance of Ted, Just Admit it do not come from either of the other shows.  Their origin is currently unknown, and while the quality is similar for the two tracks, we cannot currently say for sure if they come from the same recording or not.

Track Origins:

Sides A-B, Side C Tracks 1-3:  02/12/1989 – The Cannery, Nashville, TN
Side C Track 4: Unknown
Side D Track 1: Unknown
Side D Tracks 2-5: 09/03/1987 – Topper’s Cafe, La Verne, CA

Track Listings:

Side A:

  1. Whores
  2. 1%
  3. Idiots Rule
  4. Had A Dad
  5. Nothing’s Shocking
    Ted, Just Admit It…

Side B:

  1. Standing in the Shower… Thinking
  2. Rolling Stone
    Bobhaus + Pigs In Zen
  3. Summertime Rolls
  4. Ocean Size Beach
    Ocean Size

Side C:

  1. Mountain Song
  2. Chip Away
    Trip Away
  3. Jane Says
  4. Nothing’s Shocking
    Ted, Just Admit It…

Side D:

  1. Digging Something Up
  2. Pigs In Zen
  3. Idiots Rule
  4. 1%
  5. Mountain Song

Released By: Toast Records
ID Number: J-11, 300
Medium: 12″ Vinyl
Quality: Mixed
Source: Mixed



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