Rhimorse Cover


Rhimorse is the name of a self-recorded and produced limited edition five song EP by Dave Navarro.  The songs on this EP were written and recorded by Dave to deal with the end of his marriage to Catherine Rhian Singe.   The album title is a merger of the word remorse with his ex’s middle name, Rhian, which she went by.  The five songs on this disc are all contained on a single track.

This EP was never commercially released or distributed.  Dave’s initial intention was to give away copies of this EP for free at record stores, but later decided against it.  A number of copies have leaked out and found their way online.  It is also believed that bootleg forgeries of this EP have also been created and sold online.

The image on the album’s cover is, what appears to be a still image from a video, of Rhian carving her name into Dave’s chest.  The inside cover is a black and white picture of the couple’s marriage certificate, spattered in blood, with the color inverted.  The back cover is a photo of the couple kissing.

Alternate versions of most of these songs made their way onto Dave’s planned Spread album, and then eventually his solo debut Trust No One.

Track Listings:

  1. Sunny Day
  2. Very Little Daylight
  3. Whore
  4. Cry Myself To Sleep
  5. Somebody Else

Release Date: 1995
Released By: N/A
ID Number(s): N/A
Medium(s): CD
Time: 16:28


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