Trademark Of Quality (1992)

Trademark of Quality (1992) Cover


Trademark Of Quality (1992) is the 1992 edition of the promotional compilation series released by Warner / Reprise Records. This version features Jane’s Addiction performing a cover of the Sly & The Family Stone song Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey with Ice-T and Ernie C. of the band Body Count. The version that appears on this compilation is the same that was used in the movie Gift.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
    The Carl Stalling Project
  2. Fix Me
  3. Brused Violet – alt. version
    Babes In Toyland
  4. Isis (Bob Dylan / J. Levy)
    Poster Children
  5. Lucky Guy
    The Muffs
  6. Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey
    Jane’s Addiction vs. Body Count
  7. My 2 Days Driving an Ambulance (Jets Part)
    The Flaming Lips
  8. Ruby
    Gallon Drunk
  9. Love Connection N.Y.C.
    American Music Club
  10. Collenction of Marie Clarie
    Daniel Lanois
  11. Nineteen
  12. The Pink Room
    David Lynch
  13. Half A World Away (live)
  14. Your New Clothes
    John Wesley Harding
  15. Tutti Forgetti
    Brian Eno
  16. The Stranges Things Turn You On
    Scorpio Rising
  17. Tough
    Sister Double Happiness
  18. The Power
  19. Birmingham
    The Wolfgang Press
  20. Outro
    The Carl Stalling Project

Release Date(s):  1992
Released By:  Warner Brothers Records / Reprise Records
ID Number(s):  PRO-CD-5798
Medium(s):  CD
Time: 76:26


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