Of Course

Of Course is a Jane’s Addiction song written by Perry Farrell in 1990.  This is the only song on the band’s original studio albums that Eric Avery does not perform on.  The version, as found on Ritual de lo Habitual features band guitar tech Ronnie S. Champagne on bass.  The album version of this song features Charlie Bisharat on violin, however Morgan Fichter performed violin live during the Ritual tour.


Of course this land is dangerous!
All of the animals are capably murderous.

And when I was a boy,
my big brother held on to my hands,
then he made me slap my own face
I looked up to him then, and still do
He was trying to teach me something
Now I know what it was!
Now I know what he meant!
Now I know how it is!
Ohh, ohh, ohh ohh, ohh, ohh ohh

One must eat the other who runs free before him
Put them right into his mouth
While fantasizing the beauty of his movements
A sensation not unlike slapping yourself in the face…
Slapping yourself in the face…
Slapping yourself in the face…

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