Shekina Side 1


Shekina is a promo single from Perry Farrell’s debut album Song Yet To Be Sung. This promo single was released in 2002 by Virgin Records.  It contains two  remixes of the title track, and was released to be spun and mixed in clubs by DJs.  No commercial version of this single was ever released.

The version on side A was mixed and produced by “SEED vs. SCSi”.  The version on side B was produced and mixed by “Peretz vs. SCSi”.

Alternate Versions:

There is also an acetate promo for this song which contains two separate remixes of the title track.

Track Listings:


Side A:

  1. Shekina (Come Down Mix)

Side B:

  1. Shekina (As You Like It Mix)


Side A:

  1. Shekina (Loft Remix)

Side B:

  1. Shekina (Loft Remix – Altbass w/ Beautiful)

Release Date: 2002
Released By: Virgin Records
ID Number(s): SPRO-16831 (Promo)
Medium(s): 12″ Vinyl
Time: 17:40 (Promo)


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