Early Symptoms

Early Symptoms Orange Cover

Orange Cover

Early Symptoms / Now Under Control is a 7″ vinyl bootleg known by both the names Early Symptoms and Now Under Control, released by Discos El Sucko.  Early Symptoms is generally accepted as the title’s intended name.  It includes a pair of Jane’s Addiction demos taken from the band’s March 1986 session at Radio Tokyo studios in Los Angeles, CA.  These demos have been officially released numerous times.

Alternate Versions

There are several versions of this bootleg.  One version comes in an orange jacket with black print.  This version has both labeled and unlabeled vinyl versions.  There is also a finasteride version that comes in an off-white jacket with green print.  Musically both versions are identical.

Track Origins:

Recorded: 03/??/1986 – Radio Tokyo, Venice, CA

Track Listings:

Side A:

  1. Pigs In Zen

Side B:

  1. Mountain Song

Released By: Discos El Sucko
ID Number:
7″ Vinyl
Quality: Good
Source: Studio
Time: 7:48


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