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Psi Com

Psi Com

Psi Com is the self-titled debut record from the band Psi Com.  This album was  released in 1985 on the band’s own Mohini Records label, and later re-released by Triple-X Records on November 1, 1993. The Triple-X liner notes state that the album was released in July, 1985, however the band sold copies of it at their June 13, 1985 show at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  Psi Com officially broke up sometime during the summer of 1985, and it would only be a few short months later that Perry Farrell and Eric Avery would form Jane’s Addiction.

During the late 1980s and very early 1990s, the recordings on this album were extremely rare, making the album itself a true collector’s item, and the recordings widely bootlegged.  The recordings are now readily available, but original versions of this album remain rare.

Alternate Versions

The original pressing of this album was limited to 1500 12″ vinyl copies, around half of which were warped or otherwise damaged due to poor album printing.  Copies that were playable saw very poor distribution.  The album’s jacket features “the dancing corpse” cover presented on a black background.

The liner notes of the Mohini vinyl, which come on a brown slip of paper, include the following poem, which ends with similar words found in the song City of 9 Gates:

As team they now affront the change
eight lips taciturn
their joy is first to build things up
then douse and watch it burn

To multitudes in red red rooms
they besiege with unearthy sounds
affecting as the moan to man
as howling to the hound

In late 1993, Triple-X Records re-released this album in CD, Cassette, and 10″ Vinyl.  CD versions of this album contain the same cover image, but displayed on a white background.  10″ Vinyl copies are printed on a brown matte cover with a black border on the edges of the record jacket.  Vinyl versions come in both black and clear vinyl editions.

Triple-X Records also released a number of promo CD versions of this album, including a numbered version limited to 1000 copies.  Promo CD versions come in a matte disc slip, similar to the 10″ vinyl version.  Disc slips are either off white, gray-brown, pale green, red-brown or yellow-brown.  With the exception of the limited edition version, the CD art for the promos are identical.

The liner notes for the Triple-X version include excerpts from the lyrics of the unreleased Psi Com song Greedy Was The Beggar.

Both the Mohini and Triple-X vinyl versions of this album contain the following engravings:

Side 1: You Take The High Road
Side 2: Still No Answer

Track Listings

  1. Ho Ka Hey
  2. Human Condition
  3. Xiola
  4. City of 9 Gates
  5. Winds

Vinyl versions of this album includes tracks 1-3 on side A, and tracks 4-5 on side B

Release Date: 07/1985 (Mohini), 11/1/1993 (Triple-X)
Released By: Mohini Records, Triple-X Records (Re-release)
Medium(s): 12″ Vinyl (Mohini), Cassette, CD, 10″ Vinyl
ID Number(s): MO23 (Mohini), 51135 (Triple-X), CDPRO 135 (Triple-X Promo)
Time: 29:54


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  1. I just got this in the mail from Amazon. I have wanted it for a long time. I love 80’s Goth like Bauhaus or the Cure , so this is right up my alley .

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