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Give Listen Help

Give Listen Help is a benefit album for the Pablove Foundation and the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles to fight cancer in children.  Released in 2008 by Urban Outfitters and Filter Magazine, this album was sold exclusively in Urban Outfitters stores.  Every track on this two-disc compilation was donated by each band and their respective record labels for this charitable use.  Eric Avery appears on this compilation with his track All Remote And No Control.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

  1. Witness To Your Love
  2. House Of Cards
  3. Jimmy (M.I.A. Cover)
    Of Montreal
  4. What’s A Girl (Plaid Remix)
    Bat For Lashes
  5. Falling Down (Chemical Brothers Remix)
  6. Draggin’ Around
    Rilo Kiley
  7. Flux (JKL Remix)
    Bloc Party
  8. The Geeks Were Right (DIOYY Remix)
    The Faint
  9. Rat Is Dead (Rage)
  10. Billy Liar (Live)
  11. Can You Tell (Little Ones Remix)
    Ra Ra Riot
  12. Ghosts (Modwheelmood Mix)
  13. I Don’t Want To Dance
    The Little Ones
  14. Paper Cities
    Other Lives
  15. You
    Two Sheds
  16. All At Once (Live At Bumbershoot 2008)
    Jack Johnson

Disc 2

  1. Table Scraps
    Silversun Pickups
  2. Is There Anyone Here?
  3. Blue Day
    Darker My Love
  4. Crisis 1 & 2
    The Dears
  5. The Promise
    Sea Wolf
  6. All The Mines
    The Curse Of Company
  7. Old Men
    The One AM Radio
  8. Albert
    Ed Laurie
  9. All Remote And No Control
    Eric Avery
  10. Vision Bell
    Dappled Cities
  11. Cross The River
    La Rocca

Release Date:   2008
Released By:   Urban Outfitters / Filter Magazine
ID Number(s):
Medium(s):   CD
Time:  110:51


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