Pro-Mark Collector’s Edition Vol. 1

Pro-Mark Cover

Pro-Mark Collector's Edition Vol. 1

Pro-Mark Collector’s Edition Vol. 1 is a compilation from Pro-Mark.  Released in 1997, this compilation was given away to anyone who purchased four pairs of their “first quality” drumsticks.  Stephen Perkins appears with this wife Cindy Juarez on the otherwise unavailable track Release.

Track Listing:

  1. Company’s Coming
    Charlie Adams & Plain Jane
  2. Rocco
    Jimmy DeGrasso & Y&T
  3. Toque de Muerto
    Dave Lombardo & Grip, Inc
  4. The Moon’s Faithful Return
    Herman Matthews & Ace Boone Coone
  5. Release
    Stephen Perkins & Cindy Juarez
  6. Portnoy’s Complaint
    Mike Portnoy

Release Date:  1997
Released By:  Pro-Mark
ID Number(s):
Medium(s):  CD


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