Three For One

Three For One

Three For One

Three For One is simply a repackaging of the first three Jane’s Addiction albums into a single an inexpensive CD package.  This collection was released by Triple-X Records on November 13, 2000.  The individual discs are identical to their individually packaged counterparts.  This release is now out of print.

Track Listings:

Disc 1:  Jane’s Addiction

  1. Trip Away
  2. Whores
  3. Pigs in Zen
  4. 1%
  5. I Would For You
  6. My Time
  7. Jane Says
  8. Rock & Roll
  9. Sympathy
  10. Chip Away

Disc 2: Nothing’s Shocking

  1. Up The Beach
  2. Ocean Size
  3. Had A Dad
  4. Ted, Just Admit It…
  5. Standing in the Shower… Thinking
  6. Summertime Rolls
  7. Mountain Song
  8. Idiots Rule
  9. Jane Says
  10. Thank You Boys
  11. Pigs In Zen

Disc 3: Ritual de lo Habitual

  1. Stop!
  2. No One’s Leaving
  3. Ain’t No Right
  4. Obvious
  5. Been Caught Stealing
  6. Three Days
  7. Then She Did…
  8. Of Course
  9. Classic Girl

Release Date: 11/13/2000
Released By: Triple-X Records
ID Number(s):
Time: 141:10

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