Jane’s Addiction Demos

Jane's Addiction Demos

Jane's Addiction Demos

Jane’s Addiction Demos is a promo cassette released by Triple-X Records.  It includes five demos Jane’s Addiction recorded at Radio Tokyo in 1986, all of which have all been commercially released over the years as b-sides on singles, or in other manners.  These demos have also been widely bootlegged.  All five tracks were finally released together as part of the A Cabinet Of Curiosities box set.  They appear at the start of disc one in that collection.

Track Listings:

  1. Jane Says (demo)
  2. Pigs in Zen (demo)
  3. Mountain Song (demo)
  4. Had A Dad (demo)
  5. I Would For You (demo)

Release Date:
Released By:
Triple-X Records
ID Number(s): XXXP 2000
Medium(s): Cassette
Time: 19:30


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