Basketball Diaries, The

Basketball Diaries Cover

Basketball Diaries

The Basketball Diaries is a soundtrack for the Jim Carrol semi-autobiographical movie of the same name.  This soundtrack was released by Island Records on April 4, 1995.  Dave Navarro appears on Flea’s track I’ve Been Down (I Could Have Floated), which is exclusive to this release.

Track Listing:

  1. Catholic Boy
    Jim Carroll w/ Pearl Jam
  2. Devil’s Toe
    Graeme Revell w/ Jim Carroll
  3. Down by the Water
    PJ Harvey
  4. What A Life
    Rockers HiFi
  5. I Am Alone
    Graeme Revell w/ Jim Carroll
  6. People Who Died
    The Jim Carroll Band
  7. Riders On The Storm
    The Doors
  8. Dizzy
    Green Apple Quickstep
  9. It’s Been Hard
    Graeme Revell w/ Jim Carroll
  10. Coming Right Along
    The Posies
  11. Strawbery Wine
    Massive Internal Complications
  12. Star
    The Cult
  13. Dream Massacre
    Graeme Revell
  14. I’ve Been Down (I Could Have Floated)
    Flea (feat. Dave Navarro)
  15. Blind Dogs

Release Date:  04/04/1995
Released By:  Island Records
ID Number(s):  314-524 093-2
Medium(s):  CD, Cassette
Time:  54:48


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