L.A. Mantra II

L.A. Mantra II Cover

L.A. Mantra II

L.A. Mantra II is a limited edition, numbered compilation by Tranceport Tapes that features L.A. bases artists..  Released in September of 1984 Psi-Com’s Psi-Com Theme appears on this double-cassette compilation.   The compilation is packaged with a gate-fold sleeve.

Track Listing:

Side 1:

  1. Mi Ni Parolas
    Marina La Palma
  2. Never Ending Night
    Randall Kennedy
  3. Queen of the Nile
    John J. Lafia
  4. They Said Tomorrow
  5. Psi-Com (Theme)

Side 2:

  1. Moment In Ceylon
    17 Pygmies
  2. S P
    Rick Cox
  3. Winter arriving
    Anthony Teti
  4. Child’s lament
    Bay Of Pigs
  5. Over & Over, Pt. 8
    Repetition Repetition

Side 3:

  1. Beatrix
    Chas Smith
  2. An Act Of Control
    Scott Fraser
  3. The Discovery Of Fire
    Apes Of God
  4. Crawling Down The Corridor
    John Trubee
  5. Wave Heat
    Carl Stone
  6. Dorian Imaginagion
    A Produce
  7. Metallic Bowl
    Tom Recchion

Side 4:

  1. N-Counter
    Brad Laner
  2. Secret Of Cargo
    Brent Wilcox
  3. Midnight Globe
    Points Of Friction
  4. March To Miramol
    An Bene
  5. Agua Y Tia
    D.D. Dobson
  6. Accidents In The Home
    Fluxus Appliance
  7. Bridge
    Bruce Licher/Chez Voz

Release Date:  09/1984
Released By:  Traceport Tapes
ID Number(s):  TRANCE8
Medium(s):  Double-Cassette


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