Live USA

Live USA

Live USA

Live USA is a CD bootleg from LSD Records.  It uses an audience recording of Jane’s Addiction at Rock City in Nottingham, England from March 12, 1991.  The recording on this bootleg is not particularly rare.

This bootleg advertises as being “Recorded Live in U.S.A. in 1993” which is course is not only wrong, but completely impossible as Jane’s Addiction wasn’t together in 1993.  Additionally, for some reason, the producers of this bootleg decided to rearrange the recorded tracks and present them in an order different than how they were performed.

Track Origins:

Recorded: 03/12/1991 – Rock City, Nottingham, England

Track Listings:

  1. Ain’t No Right
  2. Trip Away
  3. Been Caught Stealing
  4. Standing In The Shower… Thinking
  5. Jane Says
  6. Whores
  7. Mountain Song
  8. Up The Beach
  9. Stop!
  10. Three Days
  11. Mountain Song
  12. Obvious
  13. Chip Away

Released By: LSD Records
ID Number: LSD CD 152.226
Medium: CD
Quality: Poor
Source: Audience
Time: 68:33

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