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Live & Insane

Live & Insane is a silverback CD bootleg from Totonka.  It uses an excellent quality soundboard partial recording of the Jane’s Addiction show at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. This is an extremely popular silverback bootleg.

This legendary show contains what is known as the “Birkenstock Incident”, where fan in the crowd threw a Birkenstock sandal on stage.  Perry responds by saying “Oh there’s that same asshole again.  The guy threw a Birkenstock!  Now this guy’s a real moron.  He doesn’t even understand fashion!”  Perry’s comments are in reference to the previous night where someone in the crowd threw a boot onto stage that hit Perry.

At least part of this show was recorded professionally on video as footage was used for the Ain’t No Right music video, and was also included in the movie Gift.  Audio of this show has also been released professionally over the years as b-sides on singles, culminating with a remastered version of this recording being included in the A Cabinet of Curiosities box set.

The track listing has a few errors.  There are only eleven tracks on this recording, with the song Three Days missing.  That song was actually performed and appears on more complete versions of this show.

Track Origins:

Recorded: 12/19/1990 – Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Track Listings:

  1. Up The Beach
  2. Whores
  3. 1%
  4. No One’s leaving
  5. Ain’t No Right
  6. Then She Did…
  7. Had A Dad
  8. Been Caught Stealing
  9. Three Days
    Summertime Rolls
  10. Mountain Song
  11. Stop!
    Mountain Song
  12. Summertime Rolls
    (No Track)

Released By: Totonka
ID Number: CDPRO4
Medium: CD
Quality: Very Good
Source: Soundboard
Time: 55:15


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