Rexal Single Cover

Single Cover

Rexall is the first and only commercial single from Dave Navarro’s self-titled solo album Trust No One.  It was released in Europe in 2001 by Capitol Records.  This single contains two b-sides from the original Spread demos titled Easy Girl and Somebody Else, the later of which also appears on the import version of Trust No One.

Alternate Versions:

In addition to the import single for this song, which comes in a slim “j-case”, there are two promotional versions of this single.  The first is a single-track radio promo that comes in traditional plain promo packaging and contains only the radio edit of the title track.  The second radio promo has both the album and radio mixes of the song and uses the same cover artwork as the single.

Additionally, there are three promotional video tapes for the music video that was made to accompany this song. The first version simply contains the song’s music video and comes in a plain black slip case. The second two versions include “making of” footage in addition to the music video. The first version of this comes in a plain black slip case where the other comes with artwork based on the cover of the Trust No One album.

Track Listings:


  1. Rexall
  2. Easy Girl
  3. Somebody Else

Radio Promo:

  1. Rexall (radio edit)

Promo Single:

  1. Rexall (radio edit)
  2. Rexall

Release Date: 2001
Released By: Capitol Records
ID Number(s): 7243 8 79650 2 7 (Single), DPRO 7087 6 15958 2 6 (Promo Single)
Medium(s): CD, VHS
Time: 12:46 (Single), 7:37 (Promo Single), 3:40 (Radio Promo), 4:00 (Video), 8:47 (Video w/ BTS)


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