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Club Lingerie

Club Lingerie is a double 12-inch limited edition vinyl bootleg from Germany.  It is comprised of a record of the June 13, 1985 Psi Com show from Club Lingerie in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, one of the final performances from the band before breaking up.

The stand-out track on this bootleg is the untitled track, which according to Perry Farrell himself had the working title of Beautiful Too.  If you listen carefully, you’ll quickly realize this song was what eventually grew into the Jane’s Addiction song Kettle Whistle.

Track Origins:

Recorded: 06/13/1985 – Club Lingerie, Hollywood Los Angeles, CA

Track Listing:

Record 1:

  1. 14th Floor
  2. Human Condition
  3. Xiola
  4. Ho Ka Hey

Record 2:

  1. Winds
  2. Untitled
    Beautiful Too (Kettle Whistle)
  3. Greedy Was the Beggar

Released By: Unknown
ID Number: None
Medium: Double 12″ Vinyl
Quality: Good


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