Scoopy / Wednesday

Scoopy / Wednesday Promo Cover

Scoopy / Wednesday

Scoopy / Wednesday is a self-published and released CDR promo single for the band Polar Bear, released on the band’s own Polar Bear Records and given away at their October 17, 1998 concert at The Whiskey in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  Only about 20 copies of this promo were created.

The song Scoopy would be reworked and renamed Hula, and Wednesday would be reworked and renamed Lick.  Final versions of both songs would appear on the Why Something Instead of Nothing? album released in 1999.

Track Listings:

  1. Scoopy
  2. Wednesday

Release Date: 10/17/1998
Released By: Polar Bear Records
ID Number(s): PBRCD1
Medium(s): CDR

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