Hungry Cover


Hungry is a promo for the Dave Navarro song by the same name from Capitol Records.  Released in September of 2001, this promo contains two tracks, the album version and single edit of the song, both referred to as Hungry (Empty Girl).

Alternate Versions:

There are two versions of this promotional CD. One version comes in a cardboard “digi-pack” style case where the other comes in a standard jewel case.

A promotional CD-ROM was released containing the Hungry Screen Saver for Windows XP. This promo comes in a clear plastic disc case with a sticker label. This screen saver was also made available as a download on Dave Navarro’s official website.

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Finally, a promotional VHS video cassette containing the music video for this song was also released.

Track Listing:

Promo CD:

  1. Hungry (Empty Girl) [Radio Edit]
  2. Hungry (Empty Girl) [Album Edit]

Promo VHS:

  1. Hungry [Music Video]

Release Date:  09/2001
Released By:
  Capitol Records
ID Number(s):  DPRO 7087 6 15978 2 0 (CD)
Medium(s): CD, VHS [NTSC]
Time:  6:06 (CD), 3:10 (VHS)



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