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Live And Rare

Live And Rare is a compilation released by Warner Brothers Records on September 25, 1991.  It includes the “b-sides” from of all three singles from the album Ritual de lo Habitual, so the album name is actually a misnomer as while some of the content is live, none of it is actually rare.

An odd aspect of this disc, and one that could lead an unsuspecting buyer to believe they are getting something they are not is with the track Three Days.  For some unknown reason, the song is split across two tracks, thus the “part 1” and “part 2” labels.  The way the song is split is the same as the import single for Three Days.

Alternate Versions:

This collection was originally released exclusively in Japan, where two editions were created.  A standard version and a limited edition coffin set.  The coffin set included the disc, four photographs and a numbered certificate all packaged inside a numbered black wooden coffin.  Only 1000 coffin sets were released.  Both the standard version and coffin set came with a Japanese lyric sheet and spine card.  The standard version comes with a white CD holder.

Later, Warner Brothers released this compilation in Australia.  The Australian version comes with a standard dark gray CD holder, lacks the Japanese lyric sheet and spinal card.  Additionally, the U-Card is entirely in English.  The Australian version was also released on cassette.

Track Listing:

  1. Been Caught Stealing (remix)
  2. Had A Dad (demo)
  3. L.A. Medley (live)
  4. Had A Dad (live)
  5. Three Days (Part 1)
  6. Three Days (Part 2)
  7. I Would For You (demo)
  8. Jane Says (demo)
  9. No One’s Leaving (live)
  10. Ain’t No Right (live)

Tracks 3 was recorded on 4/28/1989 at the John Anson Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Track 4 was recorded on 3/10/89 at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, IL.  Tracks 9-10 were recorded on 12/19/1990 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA.

Release Date: 09/25/1991
Released By: Warner Brothers Records
ID Number(s): WPCP-4450 (Japan), 7599-26708 (Australia)
Medium(s): CD, Cassette
Time: 42:29


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  1. I still think that the Had A Dad (Live) track is exclusive to this release. It is different from the one found on Cabinet and it doesn’t appear anyplace else, I think.

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