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Hollyword (sometimes called “Holly Word”) is a spoken word compilation from Rhino World Beat.  Released in 1990, this compilation contains spoken word bits from L.A. based musicians, actors and artists.  This is the only official release of the Perry Farrell spoken word track Letters to Xiola.

Track Listing:

Side 1:

  1. La Nopalera
    Ruben Guevara
  2. Leave A Message You Piece of b/w Your Drafted
    Angelo Moore
  3. Windows of Heaven
    Paul Kantner
  4. Missing Person
    Patti D’Arbanville
  5. I Can’t Wait To Die And Get to Heavent Because I Know Anna Maganani Will Be There
    Paul Body
  6. One Of Six Girls At The UCLA Film School 1965-66
    Judy Raphael
  7. The Citywide Conspiracy To Be Jim Morrison
    Danny Weizmann
  8. Dear Drew
    Lisa Freeman
  9. She’s Down With Planet Patrol, Guy and The Bar-Kays
    Harvey Robert Kubernik
  10. November 11, 1966
    Pamela Des Barres
  11. Let’s Put The Stones Back Together
    Michael Des Barres
  12. Excerpt From Alice And The Queen Of Teeth
    Linda Albertano
  13. Who To Believe
    Drew Steele
  14. What (Watt) Gets Heard
    Mike Watt
  15. The Search For The Letter R
    Anna Homler
  16. Letters to Xiola
    Perry Farrell
  17. My Dreaming Solider
    Marianne Braggs & Bradley Laner
  18. Marlon Brando And Steve McQueen Came By On Their Motorcycles
    Eve Brandstein
  19. Is It The Blues?
    Michael Lally
  20. Not Enought
    Joel Lipman
  21. Love Dependance
    Katey Segal
  22. The Female Impersonator
    Micheal O’Keefe

Side 2:

  1. Women
    Lisa Rafel
  2. Funeral on Fairfax
    Tommy Swerdlow
  3. El Barrio La Loma Tattoo
    Yvonne De La Vega
  4. Psalm 3
    Hubert Selby Jr.
  5. The Wings Of His Devil
    Meri Nana-Ama Danquah
  6. Blues Came
    Walter T. Lacey
  7. Milles Davis At The Pentages
    Holly Rado
  8. Hohn Coltrane, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman At The Renaissance
    Jim Keltner
  9. But Ruby My Dear
    Wana Coleman
  10. To Use Or Not To Use The F-Word
    Gavin Macleod
  11. Maps
    Micheal C. Ford
  12. Chauvinists Are Heir Borne
    MacDonald Carey
  13. Chandelier Moving In The Wind
    Catherine R Badin
  14. Barney
    Ron Zimmerman
  15. The Hollywod Doctor
    Jack Grapes
  16. Excerpt From Dust
    Ivan E. Roth
  17. Pigstreet
    S.A. Griffin
  18. Well, At Least He Was English
    Nancy La Perch
  19. White Noise
    Lynn Manning
  20. Celibate Summer
    Michelle T. Clinton
  21. A Man In The Belly Of A Slave Ship
    Keith Antar Mason & Nigel Gibbs
  22. Enter The Dragon
    Frances Salome Espana
  23. It Is Easy
    Ethan James
  24. I Bless The Light And Love Of Hollywood
    Harry E. Northup
  25. Cassavetes
    Scott Wannberg

Release Date: 1990
Released By: Rhino World Beat
ID Number(s): R4 71008
Mediums: Cassette
Time: 99:20


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