Jane’s Addiction

Jane's Addiction (ST) Cover

Jane’s Addiction (ST)

Jane’s Addiction, also known as Triple-X or XXX by fans, is the debut album from Jane’s Addiction.  It was released by Triple-X Records on cassette and vinyl on May 15, 1987 and CD on September 20, 1988.  This album live album was taken from a show Jane’s had at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA on January 26, 1987, where the band performed both electric and acoustic sets.  However, what you hear on this album is not a true live recording.  After the concert, the band recorded overdub material at The Edge studio in Los Angeles.  Additionally, the crowd noise heard on this album was actually recorded at a concert for the band Los Lobos.  Between Jane’s two sets, the band performed several songs that do not appear on this album.

This is also the only known professional Jane’s Addiction release that has engravings on vinyl pressings. The engravings are:

Side A: It used to be secrets! I couldn’t give them away.
Side B: What made you look here?

Alternate Versions:

There are seven different 12″ vinyl versions of this album.  In addition to the standard black vinyl, there are limited edition versions in the following colors: clear, white, blue, red, purple, and green.  All of the versions of the album come with the album liner notes and lyrics on a separate sheet.

There are four different CD versions of this album, all with variations on the CD artwork.  The original CD includes a typo which lists the track Pigs in Zen as Pigs in Ten.  A corrected version, using the same design, was also released.  Additionally, there is a version of the album with the cover artwork printed in blue on the disc, as well as a version of the disc with tan rounded text displayed on a blue background.

There are no CD long boxes for this album, as Triple-X records used the alternative clear plastic casing instead.

Track Listings:

  1. Trip Away
  2. Whores
  3. Pigs in Zen
  4. 1%
  5. I Would For You
  6. My Time
  7. Jane Says
  8. Rock & Roll
  9. Sympathy
  10. Chip Away

Cassette and vinyl versions of this album include tracks 1-5 on side A, and tracks 6-10 on side B.

Release Date: 05/15/1987 (Cassette, Vinyl), 09/20/1988 (CD)
Released By: Triple-X Records
ID Number(s): 51004, 7599-26599-2 (Import CD), L-27346-X (Promo Vinyl)
Mediums: Cassette, CD, 12″ Vinyl
Time: 40:14


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2 thoughts on “Jane’s Addiction

  1. I have two differant clear vinyl copies of this release, one has a upc on the back cover like the one that is pictured, the other does not. I wonder if the one without is a first pressing?

  2. I always am irritated when people refer to Nothing’s Shocking as Jane’s first album . I noticed that even Jimmy Kimmel did so in the recent video post from his show on the homepage for this site. I love this album , it’s so raw and David Navarro’s guitar playing is so innovative. Jane Says and Pigs in Zen are perfect in this form , and Whores too for that matter .

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