Tonka 2

Tonka 2

Tonka 2

Tonka 2 is a CD bootleg by Totonka records.  It uses a soundboard recording of the Jane’s Addiction concert at The Pyramid in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, and another recording may be from the November 27, 1987 concert at the Arcadia Theater in Dallax, TX, although we are not certain on this.  This is a fairly old and rare bootleg that would eventually be merged with the Tonka 1 bootleg to create the two-disc version of Live And Profane, also by Totonka.

Track Origins:

Tracks 1-8: 11/13/1986 – Pyramid, The, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Tracks 9-12: 11/27/1987 – Arcadia Theater, Dallas, TX (unconfirmed)

Track Listings:

  1. My Time
  2. Whores
  3. Pigs
    Pigs In Zen
  4. Ain’t No Right
  5. Would For You
    I Would For You
  6. Idiots
    Idiots Rule
  7. Tripaway
    Trip Away
  8. Mt. Song
    Mountain Song
  9. No One’s Leaving
  10. Then She
    Then She Did…
  11. Ted
    Ted, Just Admit It…
  12. Oceansize
    Ocean Size

Released By: Totonka
ID Numbers: CDPRO2
Medium: CD
Quality: Very Good
Source: Soundboard
Time: 51:46


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