Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane

Aeroplane Cover


Aeroplane is a single from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, released during Dave Navarro’s tenure on February 13, 1996 by Warner Brothers Records.  There are several versions of this single with varying b-sides, including a limited edition version that comes with a 3D album sleeve and postcard.

Track Listing:

Standard Version:

  1. Aeroplane (Radio Edit)
  2. Backwoods (Live)
  3. Transcending (Live)
  4. Me and My Friends (Live)

Limited Edition:

  1. Aeroplane (Album Version)
  2. Suck My Kiss (Live)
  3. Suffragette City (Live)


  1. Aeroplane (Radio Edit)

Release Date:  02/13/1996
Released By:
  Warner Brothers Records
ID Number(s):  W0331CD (Standard), W0331CDX (Limited Edition), PRO-CD-8018 (Promo)
Medium(s):  CD
Time:  18:48 (Standard Single), 12:21 (Limited Edition), 4:08 (Promo)



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