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Classic Girl

Classic Girl is a single for the Ritual de lo Habitual album, released on July 17, 1991 by Warner Brothers Records.  It was the final single for that album.  This single is occasionally listed as the Then She Did single due to that song being the first track on the US CD single.

A music video for Classic Girl was created, using footage shot from the Gift movie.  The music video is censored, with blur spots covering nudity in photographs of Casey Niccoli, and a brief moment during the wrist bonding ritual of the Santarian marriage ceremony scene.  All of this footage is unedited in the Gift film.

Alternate Versions:

The U.S. CD single has the most tracks across all versions, including the album version of Then She Did and a live recording of L.A. Medley taken from the April 28, 1989 concert at the John Anson Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

On all versions, live recordings of Ain’t No Right and No One’s Leaving were taken from the December 19, 1990 concert at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

The U.K. 7″ single has a sticker on the album cover claiming the song is a “Special DJ” edit, but it appears to be untrue and the song is simply the album version.  This version is available on both cassette and 7″ vinyl.  The cassette version contains both tracks on each side.

The U.K. 12″ single comes as both a standard black vinyl record as well as a limited edition picture vinyl.  The picture vinyl includes the Ritual de lo Habitual cover on one side and the Classic Girl cover on the opposite.

The U.S. promo single comes on a rainbow colored CD.  Unlike previous singles from this album, the promo artwork is simply a black u-card with white text.

Track Listings:

US Single:

  1. Then She Did
  2. No One’s Leaving (Live)
  3. Ain’t No Right (Live)
  4. L.A. Medley (Live)
  5. Classic Girl

UK 12″ Single:

  1. Classic Girl
  2. No One’s Leaving (Live)
  3. Ain’t No Right (Live)

Vinyl versions include track 1 on side A, and tracks 2-3 on side B.

UK 7″ Single:

Side A:

  1. Classic Girl

Side B:

  1. No One’s Leaving (Live)

Cassette versions of the 7″ have both tracks on both sides.

Promo Single:

  1. Classic Girl

Released Date: 07/17/1991
Released By: Warner Brothers
ID Number(s): 40129-2 (US Single), W0031T 9362-40077-0 (12″ Vinyl), W0031TP 9362-40001-0 (12″ Picture Vinyl), W0031CD 9362-40077-2 (Import CD), W0031 5439-19312 (Cassette & 7″ Vinyl), PRO-CD 4633 (Promo)
Medium(s): CD, 7″ vinyl, 12″ vinyl
Time: 23:33 (US Single), 11:36 (12″ Vinyl), 8:23 (7″ Vinyl), 5:10 (Promo)


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