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Psi Com (Bootleg)

Psi Com is a silverback CD bootleg re-release of the self-titled Psi Com album, with the audio transferred from the original 12″ vinyl release.  It first appeared in the early 1990s and for or a number of years this bootleg was the only way to obtain Psi Com’s self-titled album on CD, and thus was an extremely rare, highly priced and sought after bootleg as the original vinyl release on Mohini Records is extremely rare.  However, once Triple-X Records officially re-released the album in late 1993, the value and interest in this disc plummeted, and it is now mainly an interest for collectors who wish to have a very complete silverback bootleg collection.

The bootleg’s cover simply states “Janes Addiction” with the spine listing “Psi Com Demos” and the track listing on the back.  No other information is provided with the disc.  The ID Number MO23 is the same ID Number used by the original release on Psi Com’s Mohini Records.  The songs are not actually demos, and are the commercially released.

Also of worthy note is this disc’s running time is nearly two minutes shorter than the original release.  This is because all of the songs are played slightly faster than they should.  This could either be due to a playback malfunction in the bootleg’s audio transfer process, or was done intentionally to give the songs a slightly more uptempo and aggressive beat.

Track Origins:

Recorded: 03/??/1985 – Radio Tokyo, Venice, CA

Track Listings:

  1. Ho Ka Hey (3:51)
  2. Human Condition (6:18)
  3. Xiola (4:14)
  4. City of 9 Gates (6:36)
  5. Winds (7:10)

Released By: Unknown
ID Number: MO23
Medium: CD
Quality: Very Good
Source: Studio
Time: 28:09


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