L.A. Woman

L.A. Woman Cover

L.A. Woman

L.A. Woman is a CD bootleg from Totonka.  It is a compilation of several Jane’s Addiction concerts. While the disc claims that it includes a “never released cover of the Doors’ L.A. Woman“,   recorded at the May 2, 1987 Jane’s Addiction show at Cal State Northridge, that is incorrect.  The first track is actually taken from the April 28, 1989 show at the John Anson Ford Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, and is the same version released on the Classic Girl single.  The next two tracks are from the December 19, 1990 show at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  The bulk of this bootleg, tracks 4-11 are from the May 2, 1987 concert on the North Campus of Cal State Northridge in Northridge, CA.  The final two tracks are from Jane’s Addiction at Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA on January 16, 1989.

Track Origins:

Track 1: 04/28/1989 – John Anson Ford Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Tracks 2-3: 12/19/1990 – Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Tracks 4-11: 05/02/1987 – North Campus, Cal State Northridge, Northridge, CA
Tracks 12-13: 01/16/1989 – Tipitina’s, New Orleans, LA

Track Listings:

  1. L.A. Medley
  2. Ain’t No Right
  3. No One’s Leaving
  4. Whores
  5. Had A Dad
  6. Standing In The Shower Thinkin
    Standing In The Shower… Thinking
  7. Ain’t No Right
  8. No One’s leaving
  9. Trip Away
  10. Ocean Size
  11. Stop!
  12. Like a Rolling Stone / Pigs In Zen
    Bobhaus + Pigs In Zen
  13. Ted Just Admit It (Nothing’s Shocking)
    Ted, Just Admit It…

Released By: Totonka
ID Number: CDPRO15
Medium: CD
Quality: Mixed
Source: Mixed
Time: 59:37


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