Night One


we want to reach you
Uncle Elijah
we wish to welcome you
back home
we of the open mind beseech you, appear
through this board make yourself known

pointer says
ask me what u wil
Elijah has returnd
refusn 2 b still

(ask about the money, ask about the money)
…Charlie please be patient, first things first
(ask about the money, ask about the money)
what’s patience worth?
Elijah please indulge our
we want to know
why you chose

pointer says
don’t believe the lie
4tune bought the greed
the seeds of desire
grew in2 deceit
want obsessd the 1
that mrderd me
mrderd me

did you hide the money?
where’d you hide the money?
did you hide the money?
where’d you hide the money?

pointer says
the truth
I’m gonna tell u how to find it
I’ll tell u where to look
I’ll tell u in good time
we will speak again
come out2 my grave
2morrow night

how do we know it’s you?
give us a sign
give us a sign
before we go to the graveyard
give us a sign

pointer says
out2 the oak tree
find Pandora’s box
it’s buryd underneath
this is not the end
all will be reveald

Known Performances by Panic Channel: (23)

  • 2004/12/02 - West Hollywood, CA, Key Club, The
  • 2006/05/16 - San Diego, CA, Canes Bar & Grill
  • 2006/05/17 - Scottsdale, AZ, Martini Ranch
  • 2006/05/19 - Dallas, TX, Gypsy Tea Room
  • 2006/05/20 - Houston, TX, Red Room at Meridian
  • 2006/05/22 - Atlanta, GA, Roxy Theatre, The
  • 2006/05/24 - Washington, DC, 9:30 Club
  • 2006/05/25 - New York City, NY, Avalon
  • 2006/05/26 - Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club
  • 2006/05/28 - Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Music Box
  • 2006/05/31 - Chicago, IL, Double Door
  • 2006/06/01 - Minneapolis, MN, Fine Line Music Café
  • 2006/06/03 - Denver, CO, Bluebird Theater
  • 2006/06/04 - Salt Lake City, UT, Urban Lounge
  • 2006/06/06 - San Francisco, CA, Independant
  • 2006/06/07 - West Hollywood, CA, Roxy Theatre, The
  • 2006/06/17 - Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, Dragonfly, The
  • 2006/07/01 - Las Vegas, NV, Palms Hotel & Casino
  • 2006/08/07 - Chicago, IL, Hard Rock Cafe
  • 2007/01/20 - Baltimore, MD, Sonar
  • 2007/01/26 - Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Music Box
  • 2007/02/01 - Millvale, PA, Mr. Small's Theatre
  • 2007/02/06 - Milwaukee, WI, Eagles Ballroom
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