Welcome to our Nightmare – A Tribute to Alice Cooper

Welcome To Our Nightmare Cover

Welcome To Our Nightmare

Welcome to our Nightmare – A Tribute to Alice Cooper is, as the name suggests, a tribute album to Alice Cooper that was released on May 11, 1993 by Triple-X Records.  Stephen Perkins appears on this album as a part of the one-off side project Cold Ethyl covering Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare.  Interestingly enough, early Jane’s Addiction guitarist Ed Dobrydino appears on this album in his band Carnival Art performing the track Cold Ethyl.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

  1. Reflected
  2. Levity Ball
    Wallison Ladmoh
  3. Refrigerator Heaven
    John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors Of America
  4. Lay Down And Die, Goodbye
    Of Cabbages And Kings
  5. Caught In A Dream
    Rubber City Rebels
  6. Black Juju
    Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard
  7. Second Coming / Ballad Of Dwight Fry
    Bug Lamp
  8. Sun Arise
    The Flaming Lips
  9. Under My Wheels
    Bulimia Banquet
  10. Halo Of Flies
    Haunted Garage
  11. Desperado
    Chris Connelly

Disc 2:

  1. Dead Babies / Killer
    Shadow Project
  2. School’s Out
    Reverb Motherfuckers
  3. Generation Landslide
    Claw Hammer
  4. Working Up A Sweat
    Royal Court Of China
  5. Teenage Lament
  6. Welcome To My Nightmare
    Cold Ethyl
  7. Cold Ethyl
    Carnival Art
  8. Only Women Bleed
    The Hangmen
  9. Serious
    Sloppy Seconds
  10. Clones
    They Eat Their Own
  11. Pain
    Dutchess De Sade
  12. Poison
    The Vandals

Release Date:  05/11/1993
Released By:  Triple-X Records
ID Number(s):  51009
Medium(s):  CD, Cassette
Time:  110:25


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