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Abdication is a silverback CD bootleg from Kiss The Stone.  This title is comprised of a recording of Jane’s Addiction performing at the July 24, 1991 Lollapalooza concert at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine, CA and the band’s show at the Variety Arts Theatre in Los Angeles, CA from July 10, 1987.  This is essentially a re-release of the La La Palooza bootleg, with all of that disc’s mastering problems corrected.

The liner notes include an assay by a “Professor Stone”, which goes as follows:

Rising from the ashes of art-goths Psi-Com, Jane’s Addiction, at one point seemed the band most likely to follow in the footsteps of the mighty Led Zeppelin. Formed in the mid-eighties by vocalist Perry Farrell and bass guitarist Eric Avery (who had left Psi-Com together after the other band members turned into committed Hari Krishna worshippers), along with guitarist David Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins, both of whom had been in a local heavy metal group named Disaster, Jane’s Addiction set out to put the sex and drugs back into rock ‘n’ roll. After circulating an impressive demo-tape to various record companies, a deal was struck with Triple X Records to release a one-off, self titled album. The band, deciding to play their cards close to their chest, unleashed a live album chronicling their current set of songs they had been playing at the local clubs in Los Angeles. This was a very clever move for a young band to make, they were basically releasing bait with which to tempt the big fish. Warner Brothers was the catch and they immediately booked the band into the studio to commence work on their debut, studio album. “Nothing’s Shocking” was released to rave reviews and sold over 500,000 copies in just under six months. Here was a group to finally give Guns ‘N Roses a run for their money. It was from this point that Jane’s Addiction embarked on almost three years of non-stop touring. Throughout that time the band won over many fans worldwide, resulting in Perry being looked upon as some kind of new god for the underground masses. Especially in Europe Jane’s Addiction were being treated like the second coming. By 1990 the follow up album to Nothing’s Shocking, the destined classic, Ritual De Lo Habitual, was released. Prior to this the band had kept a low profile and rumors abounded that they had split up due to drug problems with certain members. But far from deny it, yes, the drug stories were true, but no, the band were not about to split. By the time this tour had finished, Perry had already announced plans for a series of massive outdoor shows in America, with lots of special guest groups, a sort of traveling circus, that was to go under the name of the Lollapalooza T our. Perry knew that the band had peaked with the last album and he wanted them to go out in style. This was to become Jane’s Addiction last stand. And what a way to go! Even in a recession hit America the tour was the highlight of the summer season. Perry, meanwhile, was spending the majority of time, whilst not on-stage, using portable film editing equipment to compile his long awaited film, “Gift”, highlights of which were later broadcast on MTV. Perry pulled the plug on Jane’s Addiction after an emotional last show in Hawaii. He had done what no other performer had dared to do, he had dissolved what could have been the band of the nineties whilst they were at their peak. For doing that, don’t criticize him, it had run its course and it was time to end on a high note. Now, if only others could follow in his lead.

Professor Stone

Track Origins:

Tracks 1-7: 07/24/1991 – Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA
Tracks 8-11: 07/10/1987 – Variety Arts Theatre at The Variety Arts Center, The, Los Angeles, CA

Track Listings:

  1. No One’s Leaving
  2. Ain’t No Right
  3. Three Days
  4. Been Caught Stealing
  5. Had A Dad
  6. Trip Away
  7. Of Course
  8. Classic Girl
  9. My Time
  10. What Makes A Baby Cry?
    Kettle Whistle
  11. Ted, Just Admit It

Released By: Kiss The Stone
ID Number: KTS 123
Medium: CD
Quality: Mixed
Source: Mixed
Time: 63:15


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