Lollapalooza (Cassette)

Lollapalooza (Cassette)

Lollapalooza (Cassette)

Lollapalooza is a cassette bootleg by US Metal. It includes a recording of Jane’s Addiction at The City Square in Milan, Italy.  It is essentially a cassette version of the CD bootleg The Head Shop.

Thanks go out to ‘drifter’ for the info on this boot.
Track Origins:

Recorded: 10/11/1990 – Milan, Italy – City Square, The

Track Listings:

Side A:

  1. Up The Beach
  2. Whores
  3. No One’s Leaving
  4. Ain’t No Right
  5. Idiots Rule
  6. Three Days
  7. Been Caught Stealing

Side B:

  1. Summertime Rolls
  2. Mountain Song
  3. Stop!
  4. Pigs In Zen / Then She Said
    Then She Did…
  5. Ocean Size
  6. Jane Says

Released By: US Metal
ID Number: USC 125
Quality: Very Good
Source: Soundboard
Time: 65:58


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